HCM started his activity of producing hydraulic valves and integrated manifolds in 2022
as a division of Company Cerma

Cerma since 1966 has been successfully producing hydraulic and fine mechanical parts for various industries.

The continuous growth of competence in machining and assembling highly finished parts within Cerma and the willingness to fulfil customers’ requests, made it possible the start of hydraulic division HCM.

Loose components present in HCM valves are produced with high quality standards in nearby Cerma facility, fulfilling a vertical process with precise production control. Valve design and product industrialization are performed by skilled technicians with extensive know-how.

HCM valves are tested with detailed procedures in hydraulic test benches. Up to date machining possibilities and high competence in industrialization process allow HCM to produce high performance customized products in an efficient way. Constant products improvement, customer satisfaction and employees’ professional growth are the focus of HCM activity.

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